Saturday, April 20, 2013

Organizational Manual- Advantages and disadvantages

An organization manual gives and supplements additional details to the information supplied by the organization chart. It consists of top management decisions, standard practice and procedure and descriptions of various jobs. An organizational manual provides uniformity in the procedure and practices. The manual is periodically reviewed and changed whenever major policies are changed. Every manager should see clearly the responsibility for his job, his relations with other person in the organization. Types of manuals are:
Policy manual: This manual consists of policy decisions and guidelines given by the management. It gives the scope and limitations in which various policies should work; it also gives the course of action to be adopted for implementing policies.
Organizational manual: This provides a detailed view of the organization. The authority and responsibility of the persons gives in detailed way. This eliminates confusion and conflicts among individuals and departments. This provides various job descriptions existing in the organization too.
Rules and regulation manual: This manual gives various rules and regulations that should be followed by the people in a firm. The employees get the information about working days, holidays, procedure for getting different benefits etc.
Advantages of Organizational manual are; it becomes a written document. An organization manual provides the written information of every important decisions and programs. There will not be any misunderstanding among the individuals regarding their responsibility and duties. Also it is    guide to the day to day. Organizational manual gives the detailed explanation of rules, regulations and procedures. This will enable people to work their tasks effectively in the routine work environment. Sudden decisions can take with the help of organizational manual. All decisions are made when there is clear direction of information occurs. This possible through an organizational manual.
Disadvantages of organizational manual are; it is an expensive one for the organization. The preparation of organization manual requires comparatively huge budget. A small scale organization cannot sometimes afford to make this. Also rigidity stands as question. The organization manual always in written form, this has to be strictly followed. There is hardly any scope of violation of rules and regulations.

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