Sunday, February 10, 2013

Advantages and disadvantages of visual communication

Modern world became more visualized in every aspect due to the high influence of media. A consumer who thinks about buying a product will definitely visualize it in the mind for a while. So the use of visual communication is very crucial to the business man.  Visual communication is the communication in which pictures, colors, graphics are used. A skull and two cross bones shows the meaning of danger. Advantages of visual communication are:

Quick communication is possible. The use of pictures and symbols is very easy for a fast communication. The receiver gets the idea fast. An oral communication takes time to send the message and the receiver to get. But visual communication does not any further explanation for the receiver or by the sender. Also it enables to understand things at a glance: When the logos or trademark are posted, it will be easily understood to the people. The receiver gets the message than any the other media of communication.

 The visual communication is very useful to compare. When a consumer decides to buy a product, he will visualize the product with competitor’s product. Visual media always supported with signs and symbols this can be analyzed again and again. This facilitates the comparison. This facilitates to memorize things.  Visual communication is a good tool to memorize things. It is a good way to teach kids with the help of visual pictures. The same can be done in marketing activities. Visual communication becomes a bird’s eye. That is a bird watches the world on a tree can see every angles and it can wrist its neck in different way. The same application is possible for a consumer to see things in different way.

Disadvantage of visual communication is discussed as; the cost of going visual communication is very high. There should be a high consumption of time and needs experts to be appointed. Preparation of visual communication objects takes lot of hard work and dedication. Visual media alone is inefficient. It is done with the help of other media such as audio, computer based media etc. The visual media lacks the content. It can give the idea. But cannot tell the whole story. If the sender wants something to add other media support is necessary. Designing a good visual communication is very difficult. Sometimes it may lead to failure. So most of the organization opts for audio and visual based communication.

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