Saturday, January 19, 2013

Characteristics of consumer behavior

Consumers are nowadays known as the god of market. They should be treated or worshiped by quality products and services. A satisfied customer brings profit consistently. So the marketer should understand the customer properly. He has to understand how one customer behaves in the purchasing time. Consumer behavior can be explained as all social, psychological and physical behavior of consumers as they become aware of evaluate, purchase, consume and tell others about the products and services.

Characteristics of consumer behavior are:

Consumer behavior is the part of human behavior. This cannot be separated. Human behavior decides what to buy, when to buy etc. This is unpredictable in nature. We cannot say that what an individual is going to do in the next moment. Based on the past behavioral pattern one can at least estimate like the past he might behave.

Learning the consumer is difficult and complex as it involves the study of human beings. Each individual behaves differently when he is placed at different situations. Every day is a lesson from each and every individual while we learn the consumer behavior. Today one may purchase a product because of its smell, tomorrow it may vary and he will purchase another due to some another reason.

Consumer behavior is dynamic. A consumer’s behavior is always changing in nature. The taste and preference of the people vary. According to that consumers behave differently. As the modern world changes the consumer’s behaving pattern also changes.

Consumer behavior is influenced by psychological, social and physical factors. A consumer may be loyal with a product due to its status values. Another may stick with a product due to its economy in price. Understanding these factors by a marketer is crucial before placing the product to the consumers.

Study of consumer behavior is crucial for marketers. Before producing a product or launching a product, he has to go through a clear analysis of the consumer behavior. If the people or prospects reject the product, he has to modify it.

Consumer behavior is a continuous process as it involves the process starts before the buying and continuing after purchasing. Before buying there will be high confusions and expectations about the product. After buying it, if the buyer is satisfied with the product he shows a positive behavior , otherwise negative.

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