Friday, September 14, 2012

Importance/Advantages of Motivation

There is a saying that there is a lady behind the victory of a man .What the lady does for the man is motivation. Everybody has a purpose to fulfill. It should be reminded and get inspired with lot of positive thoughts and activities. Motivation is the process of filling positive energy to achieve the goals and to move in the right way. Sometimes the motivation has a negative purpose to be achieved. However behind every success, there is a motivator. People who made success in life revealed the secret that motivated in their life. Motivation is the process of inspiring people to do required things. This is explained in relation with business aspects as inspiring the employees to get the work done and achieve the individual and organizational goals.

As the human power is the backbone of every organization, they should be empowered and motivated. This leads to the success. The importance of motivation is discussed. Increased productivity is the first point can be discussed. Productivity is known as the output and input ratio. This can be done only with the help of employees. Once the employees are encouraged to work with incentives whether monitory or non monitory basis, the entire productivity increases to incredible level. Each and every individual contribution is necessary for the total productivity. Also it leads to the faster achievement of goals. The management decides to set up a goal which is to be achieved within a certain period of time. The employees have to be given the incentives as they perform. This leads to speed of achievement of goals. The goal decides where the organization wanted to reach. Motivation helps as catalyst to boost up the goals.
Ensuring personal relations in work environment becomes another importance for motivation. Motivated employees always work without any interruptions in the day to day life. They will be always satisfied with job. There will not be any disputes or conflicts. It leads to good human relations with colleagues and superiors. Also ensures less labor turnover ratio in an organization. When employees are motivated and maintained very well, there will not be any leaving of employees or absenteeism from employees. Employees always feel that they are worthy to the organization where they feel like home.

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